Heavy Duty Shop Air Compressor Duplex Series - Model No. D7324HC1-S

Heavy Duty Shop Air Compressor Duplex Series - Model No. D7324HC1-S

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Duplex Air Compressors:

Our Duplex series air compressors are Up to “70 CFM” on single-phase electricity, plus the security of a back-up. A Castair duplex air compressor is a type of two-stage air compressor. However, unlike most standard two-stage air compressors, a duplex option has two same-sized pumps and motors. Duplex compressors are a unique configuration that can operate one compressor at a time, alternating automatically between the two compressors, or when required, operate together to provide double the air delivered on a single unit. Duplex air compressors are used for a variety of applications; light manufacturing, automotive, climate control applications.

Why buy a Castair Duplex air compressor?

     • Redundancy – if one pump/motor set fails or need repair, the other pump/motor can continue to operate. The air flow will be cut in half, but it can keep your business in operation.

     • Electrical Limitations – What alternative is there when you need a 10 or 15 HP compressor, but three phase electrical service is not available, or you don’t want to spend the money on electric, or is too expensive to bring into you facility. Then a duplex compressor with single phase pump/motors can be installed.

     • Varying Air Usage – If you do not need all of the air flow, CFM, of a 10 HP compressor except when you use your plasma cutter, big air grinder, sand blaster, CNC machine, etc. Only one pump/motor set will operate when the demand is lower, but both sets will run when a high demand is needed.

We are family owned and operated since 1991. As the name “CASTAIR” implies, our pumps are made of “cast iron” not aluminum. Our pumps are oil-lubricated, not oil-less and run at very slow RPMs making them quiet and extended service life.

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Up to €œ70 CFM€� on single-phase electricity, plus the security of a back-up.

  • Two stage
  • Electric
  • 2 pumps
  • 2 motors
  • Horizontal tank 

Cast Iron Pumps

  • All cast Iron for long life and quiet operation
  • Slow R.P.M. from 420 to 995 for quiet operation and long life
  • Tapered roller bearings at both ends of crank shaft for superior support & less friction
  • Precision steel construction rods with automotive type rod insert bearings at crankshaft & bearings at wrist pin for long service, life, & reliability
  • Disc & spring valves for easy service, higher efficiency and reliability
  • Piston have 4-rings for higher efficiency & less oil carry-over
  • Centrifugal unloader for load-less start-up every time

Tanks, Motors, Controls

  • Powder coated ASME tanks with 4 legs on verticals, channel on horizontals
  • ASME safety valves
  • Metal belt guard totally enclosed
  • Copper discharge & unloader tube
  • Heavy duty 1725 R.P.M. industrial motors, with full 15% service factor

All Gas Powered Compressors are Built with Honda Engines

Will ship with-in two weeks of order placement. It will not arrive with-in two weeks, it will ship. 

All orders will receive a courtesy call to confirm the conditions and application to insure the correct product has been purchased. 

"Castair. Compressors Built Like They Used to Be."

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Total  HP 


Pump  R.P.M. 

LxWxH  Dimension 

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2×7.5 hp